Welcome to fourguppies! We are Tim, Gayla, Hope and Autumn Guptill. We live in Canada's oldest mill town - Marysville, NB (Fredericton). Tim is the pastor @ Olivet Wesleyan Church.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

You know you are back in Canada when...

We have seen 7 Moose since we have been back in New Brunswick! There is one spot between Fredericton and Beulah that you really have to be careful with. We came down through there a few nights ago, just a little after dark, and sure enough...Moose!

Finally, Some New Pics 2

The kids love riding in our trailer any chance they get. They have also instituted a new tradition: anyone who rides in the trailer has to sign it. The trailer is full of happy graffiti on the inside. Although, my Dad's twin, Uncle Burt, has signed the trailer and I don't remember him riding in it. He must be an honorary member of the trailer club.
First night in the new tent? Nope! They started in the tent but didn't last 1/2 an hour :-) Once the June Bugs started pelting the tent, and Abby had a spider in her pajamas, they weren't long deciding that it would be fun to 'camp' in the living room of the cottage.

A pile of stuff in our driveway in Indiana. Uggghhhh.

We wanted to take the kids to see the Indianapolis 500 track before we left Indy. They were having a promo the week of the race where you could drive your own vehicle around the track for $7 per person in the vehicle. So, $28 later we were driving our station wagon around the track. I don't think we set any records! Unless they keep times of old Volvo wagons with kids in the back! It was fun.

Hope being pulled on a biscuit behind Greg Ricker's Jetski @ Beulah. Should we trust Greg's driving?? :-) Hope managed to stay on, but a few minutes later, AJ Guptill fell off. Way to go Hopey, maybe you can give AJ some pointers!

Finally, Some Pics!

This is in Black's Harbour, New Brunswick, waiting for the ferry to Grand Manan Island. We had fun beach-combing, gathering shells and beach glass. We were going to picnic outside but it was quite windy. So we took the 'wimpy' route and picnic'd inside the new terminal building!
This is part of the 'stuff' we picked off of our moving truck while they were transfering our belongings into storage in Oromocto. My Dad's van was also stuffed. :-) "The Marysville Hillbillies".

Frogger Kids! One of the kids favorite things to do at Beulah is frogging in the lake. Autumn is our tadpole farmer. She successfully 'hatched' quite a batch of tadpoles into mini-frogs last year and she is well on her way with another happy batch this year. That's Rachel Brownlee in the middle.

Autumn and Rachel found this large moth near the Children's Tabernacle @ Beulah. The moth was in no hurry to fly away. The girls were able to pet it's wings and simply enjoy it for awhile before it flew away. Neat.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Travels Continue...

I know, I know, we haven't posted in a long time. Stick with us, be patient, and we'll keep the blog alive. It's been a little difficult to blog (actually I haven't even tried) when you are living in boxes, suitcases, and a car!

When we left Indy we spent a few days in Ottawa...while the Senators lost in the Stanley Cup Finals. Then we took a day to drive to New Brunswick and spent a few days with Tim's parents in Saint John.

It took most of one day for our stuff to come off the moving truck and be put into storage in Oromocto. While it was unloading, we grabbed the things that we needed for the cottage.

We've been loving our time at the cottage! Beulah has been beautiful. Two Sundays ago we went to Moncton Wesleyan for church. As usual, we didn't make it out of the lobby as we got tied up reconnecting with so many friends from Moncton.

Oh yeah, I haven't blogged about Customs yet...The only thing we had to do at US Customs was send in the title for our car 72 hours prior to our arrival. So, like a good boy, I sent the title and 3 copies as requested, Xpress post, to the border in Ogdensburg, NY. Well, we showed up and there was no title. This meant that I no longer had any proof of ownership for that vehicle, and we could not cross until they had the title for 72 hours! Can you say stress??!! Hope, the 10 year old with more sense than her father says, "Shouldn't you have kept a copy for yourself?"

An hour later, the very patient Customs officer located our title. It had been misfiled. After they had the title, it took about 10 minutes and we were on our way to Canada Customs. One word sums up our experience at Can Customs: Taxes! Nothing says, "Welcome back to Canada", like taxes. 20 minutes there, many hundreds of dollars, and we were on our way. No problem.

Today we are on Grand Manan. It's absolutely gorgeous here today. If you have never been here, Google it a bit. It's a special place far from the corn fields of Indiana.

We've met up with a few folks from our new church and it has been really exciting to sense their enthusiasm and optimism for the future. Woo Hoo! If you are reading this, and you are no where near Fredericton, the church site is

Oh yeah, the pic is from Erie, PA on our way home. Krispy Kreme is one of our favorite cheats! Autumn can't eat them due to her egg allergy, and yet she loves to see them rolling of the line.

We have many pics to blog, stay tuned.
Fun times. Great days ahead. Love to hear from you via a post here or an email to