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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Finally, Some New Pics 2

The kids love riding in our trailer any chance they get. They have also instituted a new tradition: anyone who rides in the trailer has to sign it. The trailer is full of happy graffiti on the inside. Although, my Dad's twin, Uncle Burt, has signed the trailer and I don't remember him riding in it. He must be an honorary member of the trailer club.
First night in the new tent? Nope! They started in the tent but didn't last 1/2 an hour :-) Once the June Bugs started pelting the tent, and Abby had a spider in her pajamas, they weren't long deciding that it would be fun to 'camp' in the living room of the cottage.

A pile of stuff in our driveway in Indiana. Uggghhhh.

We wanted to take the kids to see the Indianapolis 500 track before we left Indy. They were having a promo the week of the race where you could drive your own vehicle around the track for $7 per person in the vehicle. So, $28 later we were driving our station wagon around the track. I don't think we set any records! Unless they keep times of old Volvo wagons with kids in the back! It was fun.

Hope being pulled on a biscuit behind Greg Ricker's Jetski @ Beulah. Should we trust Greg's driving?? :-) Hope managed to stay on, but a few minutes later, AJ Guptill fell off. Way to go Hopey, maybe you can give AJ some pointers!


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