Welcome to fourguppies! We are Tim, Gayla, Hope and Autumn Guptill. We live in Canada's oldest mill town - Marysville, NB (Fredericton). Tim is the pastor @ Olivet Wesleyan Church.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Hey everybody! Here is our schedule as best as we can tell for the next little while...

Today is my last day at HQ :-) Yeah, I had to add a happy face. HQ has been a wonderful opportunity in many ways, but I am sooo thankful and excited to be going to OWC

We're going down to the Indy 500 today to drive our Volvo wagon around the track. That should be good for a laugh. I'm sure that next year's Official Pace Car will be a Volvo wagon with a family of four in it!

The moving truck arrives next Wednesday for a Wed-Thurs load.

The house closes next Friday.

Once we are done with the closing, we will head for Ottawa while our moving truck heads for NB.

We'll spend a couple of days in Ottawa and then boogie on to Beulah.

Most of June will be cottage time with trips to Freddy, Moncton, Saint John and Grand Manan.

It looks like my first Sunday @ OWC is the 8th, while most of OWC is at Beulah! I hope I have someone to worship with!

After we leave here next week, we will be phone-less. We will have internet at Beulah though and we can be reached at or

That's pretty much the plan.



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