Welcome to fourguppies! We are Tim, Gayla, Hope and Autumn Guptill. We live in Canada's oldest mill town - Marysville, NB (Fredericton). Tim is the pastor @ Olivet Wesleyan Church.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Hey everybody! Here is our schedule as best as we can tell for the next little while...

Today is my last day at HQ :-) Yeah, I had to add a happy face. HQ has been a wonderful opportunity in many ways, but I am sooo thankful and excited to be going to OWC

We're going down to the Indy 500 today to drive our Volvo wagon around the track. That should be good for a laugh. I'm sure that next year's Official Pace Car will be a Volvo wagon with a family of four in it!

The moving truck arrives next Wednesday for a Wed-Thurs load.

The house closes next Friday.

Once we are done with the closing, we will head for Ottawa while our moving truck heads for NB.

We'll spend a couple of days in Ottawa and then boogie on to Beulah.

Most of June will be cottage time with trips to Freddy, Moncton, Saint John and Grand Manan.

It looks like my first Sunday @ OWC is the 8th, while most of OWC is at Beulah! I hope I have someone to worship with!

After we leave here next week, we will be phone-less. We will have internet at Beulah though and we can be reached at or

That's pretty much the plan.


Sunday, May 20, 2007


This is a 'sign' that nothing is impossible with God!

Our neighbors are amazed that it sold in 2 1/2 months. That's a miracle in this market.

God is good.

The big move is just around the corner.

Israel Pics

This well would have been used by Abraham. Yup, that makes it very old and very cool. You can see where the color of the rock changes, that's the original well, the lighter colored stone on top is newer by a couple thousand years.
Remember David and Goliath? This is the exact valley where David beaned Goliath. We stopped at the river bed and each took '5 smooth stones'.

The Trip of a Life Time!

Me and the Sea of Galilee

It's hard to find words that describe my trip to Israel. It still hasn't completely sunk in.
I arrived home around 12:45 a.m. Friday night after 26 hours of travel! I felt almost normal for most of Saturday until 6 p.m. Whammo! Jet-lag hit me like a truck. I slept from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Dr. Wilbur Williams of Indiana Wesleyan University was our tour guide and he was incredible! He has made 130 + trips to Israel and he has spent many years on archaeological digs in Israel. Dr. Williams literally brought the Bible to life on this trip. It was more than just sight-seeing, it was an experience that changed everyone of us.

One of the things that Dr. Williams kept reminding us of is that we will never read our Bible the same again. That's so true. Even this morning as I was listening to Pastor Chris Wilson (yes, the Fredericton Chris Wilson!) preach from Numbers and Israelites crossing into the Promised Land, I leaned over to Gayla and said, "I've been there..."

I'll blog a few more pics for you to get a glimpse into the trip...


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Israel tomorrow!

It's hard to believe but I leave for Israel first thing tomorrow morning. Gayla and the girls are going to get up early to take me to meet my shuttle in Marion (IWU). We fly from Chicago to London and then London to Tel Aviv.

The itenerary is pretty amazing. One excursion includes a swim in the Dead Sea and a baptism in the Jordan River.

I'm just finishing packing up...

BTW, moving date back to the land of Tim Horton's is June 1.

Remember Rick Cua from the 80's? Remember his long hair? That's him 20 years later! He stopped in to Fall Creek Wesleyan on Sunday night for a concert. (Nice soul-patch Rick!)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


It's true and it's one of the biggest answers to prayer we have had! Thanks to all of you who joined us in prayer for the sale of our home. You would have to be here, to see all the new construction and to see how bad the market is to know what a miracle this is! Nothing is impossible for God.

The couple who are buying our house pastor the Nazarene church here in Fortville. The church has given them a housing allowance and they fell in love with our home! Woo Hoo!

There is a small contingency that will be lifted in a few days.

Absolutely amazing!

The Latest from Fortville part 2

Notice the open house signs in the background...if you look real close, you can see the for sale sign on the house across the street. Just a week or so ago we could count 7 houses for sale that we could see from our yard! The girls are helping Gayla plant a few more flowers in preparation for the open house.
Sparklers @ Brian and DeeDee's (next door neighbors)

This robin decided to perch itself on the small ledge atop our front door

She might have been checking out the wreath on the front door - looking for a place to nest.

The Latest from Fortville

Conseco Field House...Home of the Pacers. We were there about an hour early, watched the warm ups and tried to get adjusted to being so high up!
Hope's class did a field trip to a facility where the students learn what it takes to 'run' a community for a day. Hope was the editor of the paper. They did all their work in advance, and actually printed a paper. As you can see, Hope is all business!

Autumn enjoying a sno-cone @ the Pacer's game. I think that Autumn spent most of her time walking around the concession areas ;->

Autumn and her friend Abby at the Indianapolis Zoo