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Thursday, March 22, 2007

How Long Did It Take To Make this Mural?

Well, let me tell you...
"Several nights searching the internet looking for the right pictures.
A couple of days to figure out which pictures to use.
A quick buzz into Menard's and Lowe's for paint, tape, and a few new brushes.
Three or four days of drawing, erasing, and colouring.
One trip to the bank to pay for art supplies.
Many years of gaining knowledge of art through classes and lessons, while working and being a Mom and Wife.
More than a quarter century of doodling, taking lessons, being mentored, looking, seeing, drawing, drawing, drawing, hoping, doubting, colouring, dreaming, and believing.
A lifetime of loving art and beauty and colour."

Yep, that's about how long.

The above is not 100% original, but it sums up well what has gone into Gayla's mural at Fall Creek.


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