Welcome to fourguppies! We are Tim, Gayla, Hope and Autumn Guptill. We live in Canada's oldest mill town - Marysville, NB (Fredericton). Tim is the pastor @ Olivet Wesleyan Church.

Friday, January 12, 2007

New Pics :-)

Autumn lost one of her front teeth! Gayla pulled and pulled...Autumn took it out by herself the next day. The tooth is inside this plastic case...that goes inside a special pillow...that went under her pillow...that produced cash in the morning.
This is the newest member of the Guptill family. Meet Kasey. Autumn saved some of her Disney money to be able to go shopping at Build-a-Bear back home in Indiana. Kasey says, "Go Colts!"

Hope, Autumn and Jackson McDowell. Jackson brought his parents to visit us for a couple of days ;-) We had a great time. I especially enjoyed having another boy around the house!


  • At 3:11 PM, Anonymous Jessica Craig said…

    Cute tiger Autumn! Go Colts!
    C U soon!


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